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race_ace's Journal

21 March
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(Character for the donnellyschool RPG.)

I have no idea why tag_me is making us keep one of these things. But hey, self-promotion is always good. I'm Tony "Racetrack" Higgins, and one day you'll be able to say you knew me before I was famous. (Or married to Tom Cruise, I'm not particularly picky.)

I'm a junior, majoring in photography at Donnelly School. One day, I'm going to have my own advertising agency, and make millions. Until then, you can all lose your money to me in poker.


Full name: Tony Higgins
Age: 16
Birthday: March 21
Year: Junior
Family/background: Race is from Italian Catholic family from Brooklyn. They were not entirely happy when Race came out of the closet, but they accepted it, and now his mother tries to fix him up with anyone who comes along. He's the fourth of five children, with two older brothers, one older sister, and one younger brother. He's not entirely speaking to one of his older brothers, who cursed him out when he came out of the closet, so they've been on bad terms for over a year now. He's closest with his younger sister, who is 13, and his oldest brother, who is 26.
Likes/dislikes: Race likes poker, fashion magazines, being a smart ass, and boys. He can be a bit full of himself, but he also usually gives good advice, even if he can be an ass about it.
Favorite/least favorite class: Math/accounting/advertising. Least favorite class is science. Race likes anything to do with numbers or money. Preferably both. He also does photography, and he wants to work in advertising once he graduates. Preferably doing the photos for campaigns himself, because he doesn't trust anyone else to do it.
Appearance/style: Because Racetrack does a lot of photography, he keeps up with all the current fashions, and he has an eye for what will eventually become stylish, although he's usually ahead by at least a season, so he dresses strangely compared to most people. But the next year, they'll all be wearing variations of his outfits.
Personality: He's a bit of a manwhore. One of the reasons why he's glad to be at an art school is because there is a much higher percentage of gay men then there would be at a regular school. He's good at making himself look good no matter what the situation, and is a bit full of himself because of it.